Cub Scout Pack 577

   Tempe, Arizona

Fun While Learning

Cub Scout aiming bow and arrow

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River Lava Cave

This cave, formed 700,000 years ago by a volcano, is a mile long and contains unique rock features including ripples, splashdowns, cooling cracks, and lavasicles. During a hot Arizona summer we dressed for winter as the temperature inside the cave was a cold 35 degrees.

Cub Scouts in River Lava Cave


Pinal Mountain

Cub Scout at Pinal Mountain - Monkey Bridge

Camping outdoors with friends is always fun, especially if there happens to be a monkey bridge available. It’s amazing how cool the air is in the middle of Summer when you are at the top of an 8,000 foot mountain. From here, we could still see downtown Tempe and planes landing at Sky Harbor.


Pine Wood Derby

Cub Scout - Pine Wood Derby First Place

On your mark, get set, GO! Racing pine wood cars is only half the fun. The other half is making the car yourself by cutting, sanding, and painting. The championship race ended with a photo finish!


Rock Climbing

If fun was measured by how dirty your clothes get then this activity won because Mom had to wash my clothes twice just to get all the sand and dirt out. We camped next to the Salt River, where there was enough sand to make our own earth slide. In the evening we roasted marshmallows and ate s’mores. And did I mention that I climbed up a cliff!

Cub Scout rock climbing at Coon Bluff


State Capital

Cub Scouts at the Arizona State Capital with State Senator Ed Ableser

Not many people can say that they stood on the State Senate floor. Our State Senator gave us a behind the scenes tour of the State Capital, explaining the decisions that are made in each room.