Who Can Join Cub Scouts?

Boys in kindergarten through fifth grade may join Cub Scouts. A Cub Scout Pack is made up of Dens, or smaller groups of boys all of the same age and/or grade level. The Dens are identified by rank:

Although many boys start as Lions, they can join at any time. Dens meet 3-4 times per month as a group, to work on projects toward their rank, to prepare something for the Pack meeting, or to work toward earning elective awards. Check out Our Dens for more information on our dens and ranks.

How does my Boy Join Cub Scouts?

Parents may complete a youth application for their boy and bring it to any Den or Pack meeting. Click here to complete the youth application process online.

The cost of registration is $97 for first time scouts which includes the $72 annual registration fee and a one time $25 fee. Pack Dues are between $5 and $25 per month based on each scout’s participation in the council sponsored popcorn fundraising event. The Pack Dues help the pack pay for awards and supplies. To help offset these out of pocket costs our Pack participates in fundraisers.

How Often Do Cub Scouts Meet?

Cub Scouts meet each week. Once per month, all the Dens meet together as a Pack. The Cubmaster leads the Pack meeting, which has been planned and organized with the help of the Pack Committee. The Pack Committee consists of all the Den Leaders, plus other adults who help run things "behind the scenes" for the Pack. The Pack also organizes activities outside of Den and Pack meetings, usually one every month. The entire family is invited to every meeting and outing.

Boys "graduate" to the next rank level in May. They have a rank badge that they work to achieve that is specific to each rank. We try to help each boy finish all the requirements for their rank badge by February when we hold our Blue and Gold Banquet. However, they have until May to finish any awards for their rank. Although each boy only works on the rank for his age group in a given year, any boy who has just joined Cub Scouting must first earn a Bobcat award before he can be awarded his rank for that year.

Additional Questions?

Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions or feel free to contact us.